Dear NFE 2016

Dear NFE Author,

I can't believe I'm writing this. It's been a long time since I did anything in fandom and I didn't expect to do another NFE. But here I am! (Starbrow, as usual, dragged me into it.)

What I'd absolutely love to see is anything with a slow burn. I love depictions of process whether it's the months and years of practice it takes to sing or play an instrument, the dedicated training it takes to learn to fight, the falling-down-and-getting-back-up required to learn a language, the slow build of a friendship or relationship. Whatever it is, I love it when I get to see a treatment of how real-life progress is always one step at a time.

I ADORE reading about women (of all shapes, sizes, sexualities, gender expressions, colors) being their kick-ass, awesome selves.

I love female-centric, consensual smut (femmeslash! hetero! not much interested in gayslash!). High ratings are welcomed but if you're only comfortable with a hint of fade-to-black within a larger work (or no sex at all) that's fine. No incest, noncon, dubcon, please.

I love it when people talk about things (ooh, women talking about sex would combine all three things!).

I like everyone-lives-no-one-dies AUs. I also enjoy stories that arefitted in and around canon. (If you want to write rthverse--do people still do that?--go right ahead!)

I really, really like stories that take Narnia more seriously than just children's  fantasy, whether that's exploring the logical ramifications of talking animals or examining how Narnia affected the Pevensies' life choices back in England.

Thank you for writing for me. I'm looking forward to whatever you do!